How does your Business Phone System connect with the outside world? With your present Business Phone System, you are most likely using a dedicated voice circuit on a copper line. Most businesses in Vermont and New Hampshire still use these types of systems. There are many more solutions out there today besides a copper line run to your office. In this article, we'll explore the complexities of provider information and choose the right phone system for your business.


Business Phone System

What is a legacy voice circuit?

There are two types of legacy voice circuits out there for your Business Phone System. The first is an analog circuit which is based on a pair of copper wires that run from your carrier’s office to your office. If you had five phone lines in your building, then five copper lines would have to be run to your building. Analog is the oldest type of circuit out there that is still being used in many parts of Vermont and New Hampshire. The more common legacy circuit is called PRI. This is a dynamic voice and data circuit that is run over a digital line that can support up to twenty-three phone calls at the same time. They call that simultaneous calling.

One key factor in choosing your communication system is determining the quantity and quality of the services and product you are purchasing. When you plan to move away from the legacy analog system to a digital system, now how many simultaneous calls you need your system to handle. One way to determine your needs is to ask your receptionist how many lines are needed and when are your peak times of day that simultaneous calls come into your office.


Business Phone System


What are the modern alternatives to analog?

When buying your new Business Phone System check to see if you are in a contract for your current system. If you have substantial time left on your contract, it may mean you need to stay where you are for the moment. If you own the equipment at your office, you may be able to explore your SIP Trunking options and determine which is going to be more cost effective an on-premise solutions or going completely to the cloud with a VoIP solution that is entirely internet based.


How complex is a new system?

You might be thinking that a new communication system is too complex and has a lot of components. You’re right! What used to be a PBX system that only made and received phone calls has evolved into a unified communications platform. Communications today include voice, voicemail, conferencing, collaboration, video, chat, mobile connections and remote users.

PBX systems today are interconnected into your network, internet bandwidth and many other devices on your intranet and out in the world on the internet. Make sure your current internet solution coming into your business has the proper bandwidth to handle all of your communications needs.


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