The year is 2018, and as a kid, I thought that we would have flying cars by this time, oh well. While we don’t have flying cars, the telephone industry has changed dramatically in 40 years. Many Vermont and New Hampshire based companies use VOIP technology. By the year 2021, it could potentially be a 140 billion dollar market. Many companies today demand flexibility in their communication systems. VOIP has many significant benefits for new businesses or a business looking to upgrade. Here are 5 VT VoIP Phone Advantages you might not be aware of.


VT VoIP Phone Advantages

1 VOIP Maintenance and Installation is Easy

Here is one of the problems with traditional, analog telephone lines for businesses. It can be very challenging to install them. Every building is different and comes with challenges in installing the wire. If you are building new office space, it is easy to install new wiring, but pre-existing office spaces are problematic.


VOIP removes almost all those problems. The reason why is VOIP can be run over wireless or wired connections. Some installations can be as simple as plugging in a USB dongle on a laptop. This is not the typical case, but the VT VOIP Phone Advantages are worth looking at. Maintenance is maintained on the phone companies end, except for network lines and wireless devices in your office. That is easier to repair than your traditional lines though.



2 Increase Your Productivity

VOIP is more than an audio phone call. It is the primary function of most phone systems, but VOIP can now hold phone conferences, browse while on the phone and perform video calls. VOIP has moved into the 21st Century and integrates into many software solutions over the web.


Software in general over the past 20 years has taken a dramatic shift from stand-alone install disks to web-based software solutions. These software solutions are known as SAAS (software as a service). The big advantage for software companies is the control over updates, software improvements, and integrations. Check to see what software integrations you have with your VOIP service.



3. Upscaling Your Phone Service

With VOIP you don’t have to install new lines to upgrade your system. You just add new phone lines to the account and then plug in your phone.

This works so well because VOIP relies on the internet which allows you to add or delete users on the service at ease.

4 VOIP is Portable

Gone are the days of being tied to your desk to get a phone call from your customers. VOIP allows employees to be on the road (mobile) and still handle calls, conferences and other talks through their mobile phone. It also allows you to call out on your mobile phone from your business number.


5 VOIP Phone Features

VOIP has a lot of new features, but don’t worry about losing those traditional features like:

  • Call hold
  • Cold call transfers
  • Warm call transfers
  • Handsfree mode
  • Automated phone menu systems

The big advantage of VOIP is you can do all of these things while multitasking. This dramatically reduces the time to manage your phone system while improving worker efficiency.

Are you ready for the  VT VoIP Phone Advantages? Do you know how much money you might save by switching to a modern phone system today? Don’t wait, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you upgrade and improve your communications.