2018 Communication Trends For VT Business Phone Systems

VT Business Phone System

2018 Communication Trends For VT Business Phone Systems VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and the future of this type of communication is a hot topic right now. VT VOIP Business Phone technologies are advancing at a very fast pace. Here are some of the biggest changes that will start to show up in 2018.   Read More…

Six Advantages For Small Businesses To Use A VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System

Technology really has advanced forward tremendously in the past 30 years. The telephone industry has seen cell phones, PBX systems, and VoIP phones systems come onto the scene. With high-speed internet in most locations throughout New England now, Small Businesses can gain greater flexibility with the Business Phone System by switching to a VoIP Phone Read More…


In our first article on VT Business Phone Networks we went over some of the core features in how networks from one location to another are not always equal. Here are some further points about how networks affect your phone systems.     WAN’s Affect Your Virtual PBX The WAN or wide area network consists Read More…

No Two VT Business Phone Networks Are The Same: Part 1

VT Business Phone

At Key Communications we have seen the best of networks and the worst of networks. Some were built and configured to handle Voice Over Internet Protocol and other were not. In this article we are going to look at networking and how to improve your network for VoIP for your VT Business Phone system.   Read More…

Is Softphone Right For Your VT Business Phone Needs?

VT Business Phone System

I am sure that you have heard of softphone technology by now with VoIP being so popular. Have you ever asked yourself these questions? What is softphone? and Is softphone right for my VT Business phone needs? You naturally may think that it is a phone system like every other phone system. How could it Read More…

What is SIP Trunking For Business Phone Services In VT & NH?

Business Phone Services

This article is for the many buyers over the years that wanted to understand how the technology of SIP Trunking for Business Phone Services works. First, let’s start with, what is SIP trunking? SIP Trunking is a phone service that provides VoIP connectivity to your PBX. This is to make and receiving telephone calls over Read More…

VT Business Phone Systems: Outdated Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

The future of Business Phone Systems is a real and challenging problem that many VT and NH business owners face. Here is what a business in Vermont or New Hampshire gains by switching to a modern voice phone system and data network. You gain a reliable integrated agile platform that makes the most out of Read More…

Small Business Phone Systems: Improving Communication In Your Business

Small Business Phone Systems

For small businesses today communications skills are essential to making sure your team if working effectively. When team communication is working well, it creates a strong cohesive team in your office. This translates directly to your customers too. Effective internal communication also helps your employees be more productive in business and keep processes working like Read More…

13 Features In Choosing A Business Telephone System in VT & NH

Business Telephone System

In the first article, we went over how to purchase a Business Telephone System in VT & NH. In that article, we asked several questions about how to determine whether you need a new phone system. In this article, we are going to go over the needs a little further and explore the top features Read More…

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